egon schiele

egon schiele (1890-1918) was a 20th century austrian painter who was guided and supported by famous painter gustav klimt. more specifically, egon schiele was a figurative painter meaning his artwork was more symbolic, representative rather than realistic. it is exactly that that makes his artwork so special. quite frankly, he's no doubt one of my most favorite artists. i'm also a fan of klimt as well, especially the painting called "le baiser" which i'm sure many of you are familiar with.

in any way... i love the rawness and the obvious vulgarity that is expressed so vividly and courageously in his pieces. truly, there is something quite intense about them. perhaps it is the absence of background or the absence of realistic colors such as for skin... or maybe it is because the bodies are just floating in an empty space, on this lifeless piece of paper, nude and exposed and totally strange. there is also something quite haunting and melancholic in his work... like a story without an ending.

then there are his war paintings. those... are something else. they still have the same egon schiele essence to them but they are much darker, much heavier. personally, when i look at one of his war paintings, i can almost feel the pain, i can almost feel the tragedy.

many people, including my mother, think of him as being perverted; and perhaps, he was. many view his work as too offensive and pornographic. he also used underage girls as models, etc. in my opinion, i think the controversy makes it even more interesting.

2 responses to egon schiele

  1. Eden says:

    My dad doesn't like Egon Schiele.
    But he's the artist of my life. My work is inspired by his, by his way of watching the world. He had a tortured mind,(we do too, that is why we adore him that much). Egon Schiele isn't afraid of showing to people the real face of the world. Raw, perverted, vulgar, dark. I am going to stop here, because I could go on forever and ever.
    PS: as for Klimt I love Espoir I.
    De moi. <3

  2. xs says:

    thanks for this post. i know of egon schiele, but i didn't know much about the controversy surrounding him. i can see the haunting quality of his work. i do like the bodies floating in space, but most of all i admire his linework, precise and expressive.


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