l'essence d'encens

this morning, after my yoga class, i had a three hour break before my next class. so, i used this time to find the books i needed for my french class.

while i was shopping for books about freud and jung's dream interpretations, i stumbled upon this treasure. i found out about encens magazine three years ago and ever since then i have always loved it. i wouldn't really call it a magazine though. it's between a book and a magazine. i simply call it a mag/book. the texture of the pages is different, the entire design of the magazine is different as well as its content.

encens always succeeded to engulf me into its various, captivating worlds of art and fashion. its content is entirely unique, fashion forward and avant-garde. truly, encens has an essence of its own and it is the only magazine that inspires me as much.

what i found today was not a typical encens mag/book. it resembled very much to a book, a hard cover one. the average price for an encens magazine is usually around 20$, this one is 35$. and i only had enough money to buy the books i needed so i ended up leaving it there. on the bright side, i took these photos as a reminder that i need to purchase it asap. thank goodness for my paycheck though, i'm going to go buy it first thing in the morning!

virtual encens magazine:


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