helmut lang fall 2011 RTW

Helmut Lang once again... this time fall 2011 Ready To Wear collection. I don't know about you guys, but i'm obsessed with the past few collections. On the wish list? Definitely.

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simply daphne

Groeneveld is ranked #27 in Top 50 Models Chart... but something tells me she's going to move her way up quicky and very quickly. And I mean, she's only 16 years old and she's already got a Vogue Paris cover in the Tom Ford issue and she is the new face for Givenchy's summer/spring 2011 campaign. She's just got this incredibly unique face, and her look is definitely not a déjà vue.

(photo source: tfs)

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black square

Kazimir Malevich's Black Square has always been very meaningful to me. I guess it is a great depiction of what I stand for, of what I strongly resonate with. There is just something so powerful about the absence of color, about the absence of conventional academic art techniques. If this work of art had a definition it would consist of only one word: revolution.

It is not about the black, it is more about the concept. It is about society and its norms. It is about this society's leaders, this society's followers, this society's revolutionaries.

But mostly, it is about absence. About the absence of norms, of conventions.
it is about the absence of everything. It is about a certain void.
The feeling and the void beyond this feeling.

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montreal fashion week no 20

samuel mercure


christian l'enfant roi



Sadly, yesterday was the last day of montreal fashion week 20. The show involved Samuel Mercure, Thomas and Christian l'Enfant Roi. It was presented by TRUSST. All I can say at this point is that I was pleasantly surprised. Such memorable, conceptual designs. It was honestly very refreshing. These three shows were definitely my favorite from the entire week. Congratulations to the designers and to TRUSST for putting such an amazing show together!


Samuel Mercure | Thomas | Christian L'enfant Roi

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livestream rad

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